Intro to School Health Services


School-based health services include physical, behavioral and mental health care that can be delivered by a range of providers, including school nurses, psychologists, and speech-language pathologists, as well as school-based health centers or through partnerships with local health organizations.

Studies show that access to school health providers improves health and academic outcomes, particularly for students with chronic health issues. A higher school-to-nurse ratio, for example, is related to better attendance. Increasing access to school health services, therefore, can help states reduce inequities in both health and education. Key opportunities exist for education, healthcare and public health sectors to work together to meet these joint goals.

Healthy Students, Promising Futures focuses on how states can leverage federal funds that cover all eligible health services provided to all students enrolled in Medicaid. To do so, states need to bring their state Medicaid plan into agreement with federal Medicaid policy.