February 17, 2023

The Healthy Schools Campaign School Medicaid Database is a text-searchable collection of publicly available documents pertaining to school Medicaid programs (as of 2022) in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Developed to assist state education agencies (SEAs) and state Medicaid administrators in creating resources to support school districts with expanding Medicaid reimbursement for school health services, the database features links to state Medicaid and education agency websites and to specific documents related to school Medicaid billing.

The School Medicaid Database is organized by state and by topic. The main folder also contains a spreadsheet providing direct links to each resource.

This brief instructional video explains how to search the Database for key resources and specific text.


The documents are not intended to identify model state policies or best practices, nor should the information contained within be construed as legal or compliance advice.

In addition, state policies, materials and rules can change at any time. While Healthy Schools Campaign aims to update the database annually, we strongly encourage contacting the appropriate state agency to verify the status of specific documents or policies.

Please email info@healthystudentspromisingfutures.org with updated state information and resource links.

Note: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be releasing updated guidance in 2023 that may lead states to revise their materials. Read HSC’s analysis of an informational CMS bulletin that encourages states to make investments in their school Medicaid program.

The School Medicaid Database was developed by HSC consultant Sarah Broome. As an Innovation Fellow, Eric & Wendy Schmidt Fund, Sarah is working with HSC to develop tools and resources for state education agencies and school districts.