Medicaid Managed Care and School Health Services: Early Lessons & Opportunities

April 22, 2024

To better understand the role of Medicaid managed care in school health programs, Healthy Schools Campaign launched a project with Aurrera Health Group to explore how four states – California, South Carolina, Tennessee and Washington – have or are actively working to carve school health services into Medicaid managed care.

The project sought to answer two key questions:

● What is the experience of states that have carved school health services into their Medicaid managed care delivery system or are currently working on doing so?
● How have school districts and MCOs partnered to support student health and connect school health services to Medicaid managed care?

This issue brief summarizes the project methodology, general findings across the four states, the status of managed care and local education agency (LEA) partnerships in each of the states, and recommendations for developing and enhancing the connection between school health and Medicaid managed care.