Cross-Sector Collaboration to Expand Ohio School Health

July 15, 2019

Ohio’s Story

Ohio has a history of leading when it comes to addressing unmet health needs among students. Over the past decade, Ohio government officials in education, Medicaid, and health – along with school districts, health care providers, and public/private sector allies throughout the state – have built a culture of cross-sector cooperation.

In 2018, the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation along with the Departments of Education, Medicaid, Health, and Mental Health & Addiction Services came together with schools and health care providers to develop Ohio’s School-Based Health Care Support Toolkit. The Toolkit aims to better serve students, families, and communities by providing a blueprint for expanding school-based health services in districts across the state.

Already, this effort is being lifted up to help other states seeking guidance on ways to build out school health infrastructure. With the introduction of the Toolkit, Ohio expects positive outcomes associated with their investment in cross-sector cooperation to continue.

Read the full Cross-Sector Collaboration to Expand Ohio School Health study.