Get Involved

Interested in forming a HSPF state team?

HSPF state teams include representatives from state education agencies, state Medicaid agencies, and two school districts. Teams can also elect to have additional members, such as representatives from other state agencies like public health, or from other organizations, such as child advocates. Contact Alex Mays to learn more about forming a state team.

Interested in supporting HSPF as a national partner?

Healthy Schools Campaign and Trust for America’s Health lead this initiative with the support of dozens of national partner organizations and faculty experts. If you are interested in becoming a national partner of the HSPF Learning Collaborative, contact Alex Mays.

Interested in supporting HSPF as a funder or corporate sponsor?

The HSPF Learning Collaborative serves a unique role in enhancing understanding of the current policy opportunities, challenges, and growing momentum occurring at the national and state levels to increase access to Medicaid services in schools and create safe and supportive school environments. Via both virtual and in-person mechanisms, HSPF provides tools and training that equip participants with the knowledge, connections and capacities to take concrete actions in their states and improve state policies, including tools for strengthening cross-sector health and education partnerships to improve student health and reduce inequities. If your organization is interested in supporting this unique collaborative, contact Alex Mays.