Our Impact



As of October 2023, more than two dozen states have expanded their school Medicaid programs, increasing access to school health services for more than 15 million children.

Healthy Students, Promising Futures has provided direct support to 12 of these states, including eight states in the HSPF Learning Collaborative.

Ongoing Support & Success

Via targeted technical assistance, peer-to-peer learning and opportunities to engage with federal agencies and national policy experts, HSPF state teams have successfully identified and overcome barriers to cooperation across state agencies and challenges to implementing new federal flexibilities. Their successes include:

  • Improving health outcomes by increasing access to Medicaid-funded school health services and expanding the types of eligible health providers.
  • Increasing sustainable federal revenue for states and school districts.
  • Developing state-level guidance for the health and education systems, such as data sharing and coordination with managed care organizations.
  • Forming new, cross-sector partnerships among state agencies, local school districts and state/local partner organizations.

Information Access & Advocacy

Healthy Schools Campaign, which manages HSPF, developed the first online map representing the status of school Medicaid programs and provider eligibility in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This information makes it possible for states and school districts to identify gaps in coverage and take appropriate steps to increase access to Medicaid-funded school health services.

HSC has also published a number of guidebooks, policy briefs and articles on expanding school health services that are used to educate and support the work of policymakers and school health advocates. These works include:


States have expanded their school Medicaid program ...

States are in the process of expanding ...


States to go!