Data Sharing

Sharing data across education and Medicaid agencies can greatly enhance state and local decision-making related to student health. Linking student attendance data with health data, for example, can provide a valuable tool for identifying and developing solutions to chronic absenteeism. However, understanding and effectively navigating each sector’s respective privacy laws–HIPAA and FERPA–can sometimes act as a barrier to effective collaboration. Many states and localities have developed strategies for successfully overcoming these challenges to allow data sharing across agencies.

Featured Resources

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Resources Roadmap for Cross-Agency Data Governance

This guidance breaks down the first step states must take to ensure secure cross-agency data sharing is possible: the development of a high-quality data governance structure.

Resources Additional CMS Data and Oversight Needed to Help Ensure Children Receive Health Care Services

GAO was asked to examine the extent to which Medicaid beneficiaries aged 20 and under receive health care services under the EPSDT benefit. The report offers six recommendations to CMS for improving oversight of beneficiaries’ receipt of necessary services and screenings.

Resources A Legal Approach to Sharing Health & Education Data

Provides an overview of an innovative intergovernmental agreement between Chicago Department of Public Health and Chicago Public Schools that allows them to share their
data on an ongoing basis with a common vision of improving students’ well-being.

Resources FERPA 101

This presentation offers an overview of the U.S. Department of Education's role in protecting student privacy.

Resources FQHC 101 & School Health Partnerships

This presentation highlights the reasons to partner with community health centers to improve student health.

Resources Overview of HIPAA and FERPA

This presentation provides and overview of the HIPAA and FERPA privacy rules, with a focus on efforts underway in Ohio to share data between Medicaid and the Department of Education.

Resources Sharing Data to Meet Student Health Needs in Washington D.C.

This blog post provides an overview of Washington DC's innovative data-sharing agreement that has improved coordination and delivery of services between the city's schools, the public health department and the Medicaid agency.

Resources HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on School Health Information Sharing in Indiana

This Primer provides an overview of HIPAA, FERPA, and state law. The goal is to provide sufficient information for health care providers and schools to be able to start important conversations with legal counsel about which law applies to their services.